Feb 17th If you would like access to the new system early give me a read!

If you're an existing user, you can get early access to the new system! Just raise a ticket, and await a response (These are dealt with in order of the request when we get free time - just hang on until we reply) The android app is almost ready, Like so close it's unbearable - we're just adding the finishing touches! This is not a live system ... Read More »

Feb 8th We're getting closer to launching the new system!

We currently have 20 users trialling.... We'll soon have an android app (This week) and will allow more people to access! If you have an active subscription with us you can ask to join and we'll get back to you in the next week or so! It is on a separate website at the moment but will eventually replace this service once we're ready! Raise a ... Read More »