If you're an existing user, you can get early access to the new system! 

Just raise a ticket, and await a response (These are dealt with in order of the request when we get free time - just hang on until we reply) The android app is almost ready, Like so close it's unbearable - we're just adding the finishing touches! This is not a live system just yet and it's more for community feedback at this stage! 

When the android app is ready, we'll be getting a new windows app and then other platforms before migrating everyone across who is still straggling on the old system! This has been done to build a platform we can build upon over the next 5 years! Whilst there isn't much extra immediately available, the new features will come thick and fast once we settle down! 

We currently want, 15 more users initially to join. And then we'll add more as we go along! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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