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That's as good as it sounds, share your affiliate link and recommend us to friends/family! We use pretty small ad budgets, in terms of the VPN market so we can afford to reward users for sharing their favourite VPN! It's our way of giving back to our users! Simply activate your affiliate link and share it far and wide - nothing else required! 

16th Jan 2021
Milan removed

We removed the Milan location due to instability the DC couldn't resolve. We did try to encourage them to do so - But I'm not having sub-par servers on the platform! 

I'll look for an alternative! 

13th Jan 2021
France - adding some additional ones and removing old ones

Two of our France servers are getting an upgrade - I will add the new ones and leave the old ones until expiry (16th) This is due to DC offering us a deal on upgrades and I like you lot :) We've added 17 servers today to our total with a lot of upgrades/swapping - in total about 39 changes to main location and load balancers! Which was by no ... Read More »

12th Jan 2021
Preparing some new servers today!

Only one new location! Rest are load balancers for existing locations!

12th Jan 2021
All work finished!

Minimal interruption, few back end changes! Nothing that changes things for you guys! So I won't bother listing it! Just a few bits for me! :) All should be back to normal now! I will be working a lot in the next few days - but business as usual! We saw a good amount of signups over the weekend so welcome to our new members! :)  All the ... Read More »

11th Jan 2021
Latest batch of lighters for 3 year plan purchased!

Thank you to our new 3 year plan users! We'll get them shipped asap! 

6th Jan 2021
Thank you for choosing MrChrissyVPN!

We're happy you're here! You may know, we do have a discord server for members to chat in! There, you can request locations or just have a chat with others etc! We will also test our new beta setup in there first before inviting other members to join! We've been busy, I can't wait for you all to see the first step towards what we're doing! I have ... Read More »

4th Jan 2021
Happy new year everyone!

I hope you all have a great 2021! This year has been a little crazy! To our existing members, thank you for being a part of something I enjoy so much! I value each and every one of you! You guys are the reason we're here and hopefully our vision for the next few years is as good as planned! There will be the usual announcements and a few ... Read More »

31st Dec 2020
Charities, community groups - free web hosting!

We have opened the list to new applicants for free hosting at You need to be a good cause, we do check! We don't ask for anything in return, we especially love helping smaller causes that don't particularly have a budget!  Information pages designed to help people, also considered! Just get in touch on the website and ... Read More »

29th Dec 2020
More servers, more locations!

We're still awaiting the last 2 servers ordered! But we've added lots in America! Europe and Canada! I gave a list of continents to our discord users, they voted - we added! (Twice as many as planned due to a tie)America I will be adding a geo smart server aswell! :)     This, is still very much the beginning and we have huge plans! Stay ... Read More »

29th Dec 2020