Scotland SKY ISP   We're waiting to see some shift here,  before we can further investigate issues! As we're fully operational (apart from tiny percentages - all of which seem localised to specific locations correlating with the map) We're going to wait and see what happens afterwards, if you can still access on ... Read More »

3rd Dec 2020
Aware of an issue affecting Scottish users

We're aware of an issue affecting some users in Scotland- it seems to be localised to one isp  - we'll update when we have more information 

2nd Dec 2020
MrChrissy VPN 2.1.1 available in playstore!

Google play, we now have the latest 2.1.1 in the store! This should automatically update you! :)

2nd Dec 2020
NEW APP - on playstore

We will be back on appstore (amazon and google) - install from there and we'll get back to auto updates




Apologies for this guys! Last time - I promise

2nd Dec 2020
Issue with app - post update!

We will have it back online asap 

You can use openvpn apps as an alternative temporarily!

1st Dec 2020
Edinburgh test server!

As we have a LOT of Scottish users- I've been on the hunt for a good, reliable DC! 

Please feel free to use and give me some feedback! Drop a ticket title "Server feedback" so I know it's not urgent and I'll read them when I get chance! I can't promise it will stay! It'll depend what you guys think! 

30th Nov 2020
Some maintenance this evening!

Between 10-12pm (UK time) we'll be doing some non essential maintenance! As Sunday evening is statistically our 'Quiet time' We'll be doing it, on a per-server basis to minimise interruption!

29th Nov 2020
Dazn test servers!

Servers that allow access to dazn! No more geo locked content from dazn! Successful tests mean we've put some online for you guys to test!


Let us know how you get on! 

28th Nov 2020
I have been a busy MrChrissy!

Apologies - all none support messages that required me personally have not been answered this week as I've been quite busy with multiple things! I have added some new servers today and will catch up tomorrow on some messages!  Rest assured, When I am quiet it's usually a pre-curser to good news :) I have some huge improvements planned for the ... Read More »

20th Nov 2020
Some maintenance!

Just a quick, server by server maintenance after a busy week :)

9th Nov 2020