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31st Oct 2020
A new service from Mrchrissy

Hey, I hope you're well! We've been busy, with MrChrissyCloud our custom Nextcloud service. These are our servers, using the opensource software, Nextcloud! What makes us unique from other providers, is our love of privacy. We're selling space on hard drives, not analysing your data in order to deduplicate, or sell your details!    There are ... Read More »

29th Oct 2020
New (2) Amsterdam server!

Enjoy folks!

28th Oct 2020
New Amsterdam server!

Enjoys folks!

28th Oct 2020
New Manchester server!

New one added - enjoy!

27th Oct 2020
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27th Oct 2020
Tidier menu :)

Tidied up the menu a little, I know, I know - I'm not visual person! I'm happy with basic functionality - It should now please us all :)  

Added some better shortcuts, deleted anything redundant - If you have feedback - let me know! I'm the worst person ever for these things!

27th Oct 2020
What a day!

Thank you to everyone, who sent such kind words today! It actually has taken me hours to respond to you all individually, I do love feedback, good and bad - I will always respond to you all - even it takes hours out of my day! It does help me gauge what we're doing as a service and help us push or pull away from decisions! This week, I have some ... Read More »

25th Oct 2020
Apologies- behind on messages!

For those waiting, we're very behind today- school closing meant MrChrissy was surprised with the kids at home today and I've just about managed to keep on top of most things!  Any non essential messages have been put in a seperate queue to be dealt with tonight, but I will respond! As always, I hope you've all had a great week! Lots of exciting ... Read More »

23rd Oct 2020
MrChrissyCloud - Now live!

Whilst it still needs a few tweaks here and there, some Knowledgebase articles writing and a few other bits and bobs - we are live, there's free accounts, ranging up to 1TB of storage!This is a service, built on nextcloud software, MrChrissys servers, tweaks and excellent sense of humour! We can bring you, secure and reliable storage solutions, at ... Read More »

22nd Oct 2020