All the latest from MrChrissyVPN

May get small interruption to service -matter of mins!

Won't take long, we'll be back up and email-ing in no time!

20th Oct 2020

Just finishing up new email service

Will be ready in the next few hours - no email's till then!

20th Oct 2020

Lots of locations added!

Scotland is still on my list - BUT Lots of servers added/upgraded this week! And what a spectacular week it's been, lots of positive stuff going on behind the scenes I can't discuss just yet - but there's never been a better been a better time to be part of the MrChrissy family! We're going from strength to strength to provide you with real value ... Read More

18th Oct 2020

France - I promise I know it's in Europe :)

Due to an overwhelmingly positive experience, with a DC checking everything was ok as I bought a server and didn't use it (I'm forgetful - I know) rather than just pocketing the money. I decided to reward that customer service and buy more! The server is top notch, this was in addition to our usual France location (same dc) we'll have a total of 4 ... Read More

17th Oct 2020

Share your affiliate link - earn some £ when your friends sign up and whenever they renew!

15% of your family or friends spends - goes directly to you :) 

We do all the support, you literally just share a link! Easy money! To get your link - click affiliate in the client area and away you go! 

17th Oct 2020

Last of the pre-weekend meddling!

Little bump in performance for ~10 mins :)

15th Oct 2020

Planned maintenance today - please read!

We'll be accessing the db that manages live connections - this is something we rarely need to do... it's more of a testing situation today whilst some necessary work is completed! As it's being done anyway we may as well test some future features! As such, to avoid messing with live connections we'll add a server called TEST - please don't ... Read More

14th Oct 2020

Added product upgrades option in client area!

You can now move up a package with ease, should you find you need more connections!

8th Oct 2020

A change to our signup email

I've added some links/instructions of what to search to download the app!  It is available in the client area, having navigated to it, I do find it fairly accessible but I have the advantage of knowing where it is before beginning!  I have edited out some menu links, reworded some and hopefully improved navigation a little for you guys!  Read More

7th Oct 2020

You asked, we delivered! New features on the site!

So, last night... I added a better menu pathway to find relevant legal documents - tos etc  (Still need to standardise text) but it functions!    Also, 3am i was asked if we could arrange for location requests to be available on the site rather than discord... I totally agree with the sentiment of that so I have added a members only - ... Read More

6th Oct 2020