Edinburgh test server!

As we have a LOT of Scottish users- I've been on the hunt for a good, reliable DC! 

Please feel free to use and give me some feedback! Drop a ticket title "Server feedback" so I know it's not urgent and I'll read them when I get chance! I can't promise it will stay! It'll depend what you guys think! 

30th Nov 2020
Some maintenance this evening!

Between 10-12pm (UK time) we'll be doing some non essential maintenance! As Sunday evening is statistically our 'Quiet time' We'll be doing it, on a per-server basis to minimise interruption!

29th Nov 2020
I have been a busy MrChrissy!

Apologies - all none support messages that required me personally have not been answered this week as I've been quite busy with multiple things! I have added some new servers today and will catch up tomorrow on some messages!  Rest assured, When I am quiet it's usually a pre-curser to good news :) I have some huge improvements planned for the ... Read More »

20th Nov 2020
Some maintenance!

Just a quick, server by server maintenance after a busy week :)

9th Nov 2020
A couple of new Manchester servers added

Yesterday - we placed an order for 2 new Manchester and a new maidenhead server! 

Still awaiting delivery of the maidenhead one! But I have added the new Manchester (3 & 4) 

8th Nov 2020
Building an impressive list now!

UK  - Manchester, Maidenhead, Gosport, London and Derby    Canada - Toronto, Montreal, Vancover, Beauharnois   USA - San Francisco, NY, Seattle, Miami and Dallas in the    Europe - Dublin, Germany, Finland, Portugal, Amsterdam, Seville and France in Europe   Asia  - Seoul, Singapore, Bangladesh -    Sydney - down under     Read More »

6th Nov 2020
Vancouver and Bangladesh have something in common!

These places now have MrChrissyVPN servers! Whilst I do enjoy a little clickbait in a title, there are vast changes to let you know about! New Sydney, Dublin and London servers....... There's many new servers to add over the coming week! If you have a particular location request - feel free to ask! The worse I'll say is no and the reason why! :) ... Read More »

5th Nov 2020

Well, after multiple servers and a lot of money spent - there isn't a datacenter that'll be a viable option!So, in true MrChrissy fashion - we'll be using a workaround for a Scotland server! The new "scotland" server, will be - not a true Scotland server, rather just optimised for you guys who live up there!  This will be added later today, then ... Read More »

3rd Nov 2020