Happy new year everyone!

I hope you all have a great 2021! This year has been a little crazy! To our existing members, thank you for being a part of something I enjoy so much! I value each and every one of you! You guys are the reason we're here and hopefully our vision for the next few years is as good as planned! There will be the usual announcements and a few ... Read More »

31st Dec 2020
Charities, community groups - free web hosting!

We have opened the list to new applicants for free hosting at Mrchrissyhosting.co.uk. You need to be a good cause, we do check! We don't ask for anything in return, we especially love helping smaller causes that don't particularly have a budget!  Information pages designed to help people, also considered! Just get in touch on the website and ... Read More »

29th Dec 2020
More servers, more locations!

We're still awaiting the last 2 servers ordered! But we've added lots in America! Europe and Canada! I gave a list of continents to our discord users, they voted - we added! (Twice as many as planned due to a tie)America I will be adding a geo smart server aswell! :)     This, is still very much the beginning and we have huge plans! Stay ... Read More »

29th Dec 2020
Hope everyone had a good time over xmas!

I'm just going to catch up across all services today! This is less than anticipated, so hopefully by tomorrow we should be firing on all cylinders again! Still awaiting some servers being delivered, for new locations (Mainly USA) which I think will be done in next few days - can't begrudge them time off! This was the first 'day off' I've had in ... Read More »

26th Dec 2020
Merry Xmas + quick note!

Hope everyone gets some quality family time over the next couple of days! I will be working, but drastically reduced (Even MrChrissy needs xmas) I plan to do a few small jobs in the next 30 mins, there may be slight interruption! Added a few new servers today! Barcelona was not quite up to scratch and has been removed however! Waiting on some ... Read More »

24th Dec 2020
We wish you a merry Chrissymas!

Firstly I hope everyone is safe and well! Over the last 12 months we've grown considerably, in turn we've invested money in an entirely new platform that will launch soon! We certainly haven't sat back and enjoyed the success :) I think everyone will enjoy 2021 much more! So thank you to each and every member who has been a part of our ... Read More »

21st Dec 2020
Nottingham & Wakefield added

to test category please let us know what you think! If we don't get user opinion we base the renewal decision off of usage!

20th Dec 2020
MrChrissyHosting & MrChrissyCloud

Our web and server hosting company - MrChrissyHosting is back open after shutting to new signups whilst we were too busy! We have of course looked after our existing members! We have also expanded our offer of free Cpanel hosting to charities/community groups to help accommodate helping more people! Sadly, we have a little more scrutiny than ... Read More »

18th Dec 2020
Busy day & new category! + maintenance

Welcome to all new arrivals! I do hope you're all happy here! At around 11pm (UK time) Just going to do a little post-weekend maintenance! Will be done on a per server basis! So minimal interruption! Also - I added a category for torrent optimised servers! This will be useful for those sharing their favourite cat memes with strangers online (I'm ... Read More »

13th Dec 2020
Couple of new Manchester servers coming today - as they are by far our most popular!

These will be replacing 2 existing ones - just with more "oompf" I will add them shortly and remove the old ones over the next few days! Beta system is pretty close - just clearing the backlog across all services before I launch it! As you can imagine, a change means thousands of tickets/emails etc! Which I don't want to be busy during! I am of ... Read More »

12th Dec 2020